Psychedelic Doodle Mayhem: 62 Artists Illustrate the Same Animation in Their Unique Styles

“The Doodle Project” is a loop of hand-drawn doodles animated by Dante Zaballa where illustrators, designers, artists, and musicians collaborated to create frames and soundtracks in their own unique styles. The resulting product is a psychedelic doodle mayhem exhibiting how artists can interpret the same objects in an infinite number of ways.

When Zaballa, a frame-by-frame animator from Argentina, started “The Doodle Project,” he intended to ask just his friends and a few artists he admired for illustrations in their own styles. Little did he know that artists would take to the project with so much enthusiasm: the end product was the result of the combined work of 62 illustrators and 14 musicians! What started as a simple animation project turned into a big collaborative project between artists and musicians from all around the world.


The Making of ‘The Doodle Project’

To those he chose, Zaballa sent along plain stickman animation instructing artists to illustrate five frames in their own styles, creating colorful new characters to act in the animation:

Instructions for artists participating in The Doodle Project

When he sent out these instructions, Zaballa didn’t know how the project would take. Zaballa wrote on his blog,

I thought in sending some individual frames to friends so they could draw a character on it. I had the idea to send it to also to people I admire and I didn’t know personally.”

By the end, Zaballa and his collaborating artists had created an 18-second animation sequence made of 216 frames where characters burst with bright colors and morph into other beings in the blink of an eye. Zaballa handed this sequence to a few sound designers and musicians who each created their own soundtracks for the animation. The resulting video features the same animation looped various times to different sounds. You’d imagine that it would grow boring to watch the same 18-second animation over and over, but the characters in the animation are so enthralling, the music so different from loop to loop, that watching “The Doodle Project” just once is not, in fact, enough.

Here are some of the characters and frames drawn by individual artists:

Frame 127 by Robert Loebel, Germany

Frame 50 by Cesar Pelizer, Brazil

Frame 58 by Mark. Verhaagen, Holland

Frame 106 by Noam Sussman, Canada

Frame 145 by Peter Millard, UK

Frame 147 by Loup Blaster Druelle, France

Frame 166 by Leo Espinosa, Colombia


For more information on “The Doodle Project,” visit its website, Tumblr, and Facebook Page.

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