Entertain Yourself at Work by Creating an Office Supply Apocalypse [VIDEO]

When the boss is away, the office supplies will play. In the music video for “Moped” by Danish/German band Pinkunoizu, office supplies like feather dusters, oranges, post-it notes, and lamps do some pretty weird things. Imagine a bowl, a watermelon, and the force of gravity combining to create a rice bomb; a peanut that acts like a fly; and every item in the office gathering for an the office supply apocalypse. If you’re bored from sitting all day in the office, this video will show you how to make work entertaining. Take notes!

Video Highlights

Making inanimate objects interact with each other in strange ways is no easy task, so it’s understandable that some scenes in “Moped” would blow our minds while other moments would flop. Here’s what to look out for while planning your own office supply apocalypse:

Most Badass Scenes

  • Lifting a watermelon with a plunger
  • Attacking a stack of paper with a leaf blower
  • Balancing an office chair on four feather dusters
  • Catapulting a water bottle into the air

Weirdest Scenes

  • Sausages rolling off an office chair (I hope no one ate those afterward)
  • The spinning, dangling cauliflower
  • Cutting sausages with a wood cutter

On second thought, sausages are just weird in general.


Artistic Inspiration

The video’s director, Ewan Jones Morris, tells Promo News that the video was inspired by the work of Japanese artist Koki Tanaka, who is known for making art of everyday items:

I’ve long been fascinated by the work of a Japanese artist Koki Tanaka – he’s great, people should look him up. For me he takes mundane stuff and makes it look alien. For ages I’ve wanted to do something in the same vein and hopefully it’s a continuation or homage and I don’t retread too much of the same territory.

“Pinkunoizu’s ‘Moped’ seemed just right for that sideways satisfaction you get from picking up a water melon with a toilet plunger. If you don’t know that feeling you should go looking for it.”

What are you waiting for? Take a watermelon into the bathroom and have some fun!

What part the “Moped” video do you think is the weirdest? Share with us in the comments section!

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