Watch This Dancer Perform Jaw-Dropping Stunts Among Crowds of Busy New Yorkers [VIDEO]

pillar point screencap dancing in an intersection

In an urban jungle like New York, it’s natural for people to feel trapped by cement and crowded sidewalks and crave the openness and calm of nature instead – even in freezing temperatures. These are the emotions director Jacob Krupnick and dancer Daisuke Omiya convey in this music video for Pillar Point’s “Dreamin’.” But as seamless as the film looks now, post-production, it sure wasn’t easy to make.

Using a RED Epic digital camera and a Mōvi stabilizer, the makers of the film shot Omiya dancing along the crowded, monochrome streets of New York in subfreezing weather. During the film’s opening scenes around Penn Station, the crew shot using frozen lenses and camera batteries that would only last 20 minutes in the 10-degree weather. Next, when the crew travelled to upstate New York to shoot in a snow-laden forest, the unexpected and unbearable cold forced the team to perform in unscouted locations, improvising moves and camera angles to get the shots they needed.

The resulting video is a beautiful mix of carefully planned choreography and unrehearsed moves that complements the film’s contrasting urban and natural backdrops. Read more about the making of the film on Wild Combinatin’s blog, and check out the video below:

pillar point screencap dancing next to an NYPD car

If you like “‘Dreamin’,” you might also want to check out Wild Combination’s work on the crowdfunded feature-length dance film Girl Walk, shot almost entirely in public spaces of New York.

via The Verge

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