‘Ghost Peloton’: a Dazzling Art Performance By Dancers and Cyclists Wearing LED Lights [VIDEO]

We’ve seen skiers wearing LED lights take to the slopes. Now it’s dancers and cyclists. For the Tour de France 2014 departure from Yorkshire, art organization NVA and Phoenix Dance Theatre collaborated to stage a public performance called “Ghost Peloton,” where dancers and cyclists wearing LED light-suits illuminate the night.

Controlled remotely, the lights changed color, flash-rate and luminosity in an instant. This created fluid and synchronized patterns that, combined with the fluid movement of the choreographed dances and bicycles, resulted in a magical, and somewhat dizzying, light art show.

On the video’s Vimeo page, NVA writes:

The rhythm of movement from the choreographed actions of massed participants becomes a source of creativity in itself, extending perception of the immediate setting. It’s epic public art, operating at the grandest scale, where physical surroundings become an open canvas carrying a new visual language, expressing mood and movement, comprised of form, color and line.

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