Watch this Crazy Russian Roof Freerunner [VIDEO]

Boots tend to be made for walking, but if you asked this crazy Russian stunt man, they can be used for running on roofs too. Freerunning is a new urban sport, taking over cities, which allows people to express themselves in their environments without any limitations. Like in this video here where Shade Ziat, a 3RUN ambassador, climbs and leaps across a huge old building complex without any regard to gravity or his safety for that matter!

“Shade is without a doubt one of the best freerunners out there. His creativity, his flow, is skills and his style are unbelievable. This guy literally eats, sleeps and breathes parkour and freerunning.” said Sam Parham of 3RUN – an organization partnered with FLOW to bring us this incredible POV action video shot through mounted cameras on Shade, all as he runs through and maneuvers these complex urban terrains.

russain roof run

Roof Freerunner [VIDEO]

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