Cookie Monster’s Worst Gig Ever Was This Icona Pop Spoof

I crashed my car into the bridge.

I don’t care, I love it.”

Cookies on a pedestal with "Me Want It" written aboveYou know this song even if you don’t know the words. Icona Pop’s “I Love It” has been gracing our airwaves all summer long, and though we hum and fist pump along, we probably don’t give much thought to the lyrics. Sesame Street, however, takes Icona Pop’s lyrics very seriously and decided to make an example out of the song. Much to Cookie Monster’s dismay.

According to Sesame Street’s website (Can you believe it? This show started at the end of 1969, and not only is it still airing, but it has a website!), its upcoming season is all about self control and restraint. What better way to demonstrate the value of self control than through the epitome of indulgence himself, Cookie Monster?

To promote Season 44 (44!), Sesame Street commissioned poor Cookie Monster to spoof “I Love It” with a twist: Cookie Monster’s version is about how much he loves it but can’t have it!

Scene: Cookie Monster hugs an enormous bowl of chocolate chip cookies. The cookies are bigger than Cookie Monster’s head, and the chocolate chips are shiny, as if fresh out of the oven. Cookie Monster is obviously feeling tortured because he can’t eat the cookies. Heck, even I feel tortured watching him because I can’t eat any cookies, either! (Hm… if only I had some in the house.) Instead, Cookie Monster sings about how he will wait to eat the cookies.

The lyrics to the Icona Pop’s spoof start like this:

“Me get this feeling when me see a cookie on the plate.
Me want to grab it, want to eat it,
Oh! Me no can wait.
But now me know that self control is something me must learn.
Me want to grab it, want to eat it,

But me wait.
Me want it,
But me wait.”

Then – and it nearly breaks my heart – Cookie Monster sighs in discontent.

Screenshot from Cookie Monster's Icona Pop spoof

Who would have ever thought of “I Love It” as a song about reckless abandon and a total lack of self control? Well, maybe it is, but that doesn’t mean Sesame Street should spoof it. Is it just me, or is an adult who wants to crash her car into a bridge much more in need of self control than a child who wants to eat a cookie? Shame on you, Sesame Street – let that child have a cookie!

You can tune in to the new season of Sesame Street beginning on September 16th. Until then, the show wants you to promote the hashtag #ControlMeself online. But I might be too busy baking cookies and Instagramming them until they look so delicious nobody can resist eating one.

What do you think? Should Cookie Monster show some self control and wait to eat his cookies?
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