Comedian Promises Ridiculous Specs, Discounts to Shoppers When He Poses as Apple Store Employee

Did you know the iPad now comes with 4,000 megapixels of RAM and 3,000 Skype units? If not, you better get the latest Apple product specs from comedian and pseudo Apple Store employee Tyler Fischer.

Posing as an employee at four different New York locations, Fischer gives us the low-down on all of Apple‘s latest products and twisted secrets like the upcoming “lie” phone that will automatically respond to texts from annoying friends with lies, Retina scanners that check shoppers’ credit scores and the fact that Apple created Lyme disease, syphilis and polio from chemical spills as its warehouses.

Watch parts one and two of Fischer’s Apple Store prank below – just don’t take any of his promises seriously!

tyle fischer apple store prank screencap

via Laughing Squid

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