Meet Cloud, the Interactive Light That Creates a Thunderstorm in Your Room [VIDEO]

Do you love thunderstorms? If the answer is yes, now you can have your very own storm, right in your room. Just thank designer Richard Clarkson, creator of The Cloud, an interactive cloud-shaped lamp that simulates both the light and sound of a thunderstorm.

The Cloud uses motion sensors to detect a user’s presence and, based on that person’s movement, creates a unique thunder and lightning show. The Cloud, the lights of which change colors and brightness, can even adapt to your taste in storms and has alternative modes like nightlight. Via Bluetooth, users can even play music through a built-in speaker system.

On his website, Clarkson explains:

Acting as both a semi-immersive lightning experience, or as speaker with visual feedback, this nightlight/nightspeaker hybrid introduces a new discourse for what a nightlight could be.

Advances in interaction design and physical computing have opened up new sensory worlds. Smart devices are becoming more and more capable of creating playful illusions. The Cloud is exhibit number one.

Richard Clarkson cloud motion sensor

Richard Clarkson cloud 1

Richard Clarkson cloud 3

Richard Clarkson cloud 2

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