Watch 60 Years of Climate Change in 15 Seconds

If you thought 2013 was an exceptionally hot year, that’s because it was. NASA recently announced that 2013 was the seventh-warmest year on record since 1880, tied with 2006 and 2009. Data shows that all but one of the 10 warmest years in 134 years have occurred in the new millennium, with 2005 and 2010 as the warmest years. These worsening weather patterns and increasingly hot temperatures are further proof of climate change and the need for continued monitoring of the Earth’s surface temperature.


NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies drives the point home with a video depicting the past 63 years of climate change based on data from more than 1,000 meteorological stations around the world. Watch our Earth’s climate change over six decades!

climate change gif

Video by NASA Goddard
via Forbes

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