Did Chuck Norris Just Top Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Epic Split?

By now you’ve probably seen the epic split by Van Damme between two moving trucks. You’ve probably even seen half a dozen lame attempts to parody or even rival the awesome Van Damme moment, but what you are about to see may surpass all of those feats. In an era of reborn action heroes Chuck Norris attempts his own daring split, only this time between two moving jets flying through the air! On top of that, 11 soldiers stand on his head and light up like a Christmas tree at the end of the stunt to wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

The video was created by Hungarian animation firm Delov Digital, and, regardless of how epic the video is, it’s not clear that Norris was a willing participant in the video animation, according to Mashable who tried to reach out to the studio.

Greetings from Chuck  The epic christmas split

Even though the stunt appears to be CGI enhanced and splits are most often carried out by ballerinas, it will still be sure to fuel up the old debate about who really is the toughest tough guy of them all.

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