Chipotle Releases Mini Comedy Series about Industrial Farming on Hulu

Chipotle earned its good name by promoting sustainable food and production practices. Now Chipotle takes things one step further with the comedic Farmed and Dangerous, a Hulu miniseries illuminating the perils of industrial farming while poking fun at the big corporations who use it. The four episode-season features several stars, including Ray Wise, as well as farm animals with bizarre qualities from multiple limb mutations to spontaneous combustion.

The online miniseries is a strategic move for the restaurant. Chipotle has always been open about its disdain for the agricultural industry. But now, instead of directly pointing out the flaws of industrial farming, Chipotle decided to let people learn about the ongoing issues by chuckling along to its show.

Catch the miniseries on Hulu.

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Video by Farmed and Dangerous

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