Musical Burst: Chet Faker – ‘Built on Glass’ [ALBUM VIDEO]

If you haven’t heard of Chet Faker, you are in for a real musical treat. Chet started making music about three years ago and anticipation for his debut album Built on Glass is not without merit. In the lead up, the Australian-based artist has collaborated with electronic music producer Flume on several popular hits. Chet’s amazing debut is chock-full of energy which he is hoping will fire up audiences with a U.S. tour set to kick off in Brooklyn May 13th.

The first smooth single “Talk Is Cheap” came out on Soundcloud about a month ago. It has a millions of listens and counting:

Also be sure to give my favorite track of the day “1998” another spin. Do you remember how innocent you were back in the 90s?

The whole album is pretty much “Gold.”
Chet, the good lad, released the entire album a week before its release on YouTube for free streaming:

You can check out Built on Glass streaming on iTunes too:

via Hillydilly

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