Call of Duty Trailer Reveals New Eminem ‘Survival’ Song From Upcoming Album

Are you ready for the next generation of Call of Duty multiplayer gaming? One of the most anticipated games in the history of humankind, Call of Duty: Ghosts will be released on the Xbox November 5 and can be pre-ordered here (you’ll receive a bonus dynamic map for doing so). Fans can see a preview of the new characters, weapons, maps, modes, lady soldiers, and dog warriors.

Watching the trailer comes with a bonus too: an exclusive listen of the first single from Eminem’s upcoming album, “Survival.” For you Slim Shady fans, who could survive without listening to a clean version of the single right now? Turn up your volume:

As the scientific theory once introduced by Darwin goes, this game is ruled by “Survival” of the fittest.

Mary Helen Ferris
certainly a change of pace for #granniegram.
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