‘Breaking Bad’ Theme Song Played on Meth Lab Equipment [VIDEO]

In celebration of the upcoming Breaking Bad finale, Canadian musician Andrew Huang reproduced the show’s theme song using only a guitar and equipment you’d find in a meth lab. Huang’s chosen instruments include propane cylinders, rubber tubing, paper towels, coffee filters, beakers, measuring cups, buckets, plastic bottles, and frying pans, and he used minimal effects and pitch changes to compile the song you hear now. The music is an impressive and enjoyable tribute to a show that’s kept us enthralled since 2008.

The second part of the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad began airing Sunday night. We have until the end of September to get our fill of Walt and Jesse, and I for one know I will be turning back to this song to keep my spirits up once I finish the season.
via Laughing Squid

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