This Man Proposed to His Girlfriend at the Boston Marathon; Spoiler: She Said Yes!

As if finishing a 26.2-mile marathon wasn’t challenging enough for one day, this man put himself to the ultimate risk of pride after the Boston Marathon: asking his girlfriend to marry him. At the finish line of the 2014 Marathon, Greg Picklesimer got down on one knee, pulled an engagement ring out of his back pocket, and proposed to his girlfriend Carla White. And she said yes!

After last year’s Boston Marathon bombing, Picklesimer realized that “life can be taken away from you so easily, so quickly.” The awareness pushed him to make the following Boston Marathon the day he’d “seal the deal permanently” with White. Luckily the ring didn’t run away during the marathon!

Check out the couple, beaming with their new engagement, in this interview with CBS Boston.

screencap of the boston marathon proposal

via Huffington Post

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