10 Miles of 8,000 Glowing Balloons Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s Fall

25 years ago, on November 9, the Berlin Wall was torn down, reuniting the eastern and western sides of the city. This year, Berlin launched an initiative entitled Fall of the Wall 2014 to celebrate this pivotal moment in our globe’s history.

One of the celebratory events was “LICHTGRENZE,” a light installation of 8,000 standing illuminated balloons, positioned along the 10-miles where the Wall used to exist. The balloon display ran for two days starting November 7th, and on the 9th, all the balloons were released from their stands into the night sky to represent and commemorate the fall of the Wall.

The installation was created by two brothers Christopher Bauder, an artist and designer, and Marc Bauder, a film director and producer. The Bauder brothers also collaborated with Robert Havemann Gesellschaft Society and Kulturprojekte Berlin, two organizations who promote the city’s history and culture.

Bruce Liebknecht
What a nice way of commemorating it!
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