Take a Tour of Barcelona in This Wild ‘Flow-Motion’ Hyperlapse Video [TIMELAPSE]

Most timelapse videos show you breathtaking scenery and cities as you watch them change over time. But this particular video by urban filmmaker and photographer Rob Whitworth actually takes you on a journey as you fly through the city of Barcelona.

Whitworth has a distinct and unique style in his timelapse videos, which he calls “flow-motion.” By zooming in and out, following specific people or groups of people, and seamlessly transitioning from one area to the next, Whitworth makes his viewers feel like they are actively touring a city.

This particular hyperlapse video took Whitworth a total of 363 hours: 75 hours were dedicated to logistics and travel, 31 for scouting and location finding, 78 hours of shooting and 179 hours were spent post production. Using a variety of Nikon cameras to film, Whitworth collected 26,014 camera raw files and 817 gigabytes of data.

Everything that went into the creation of this video makes this one epic timelapse.

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