The Pitch Video from Mars: Director Makes Friends Act Out His Awkward Ideas

What lengths will artists go to in support of a creative idea? Apparently, so far that no friend is spared the consequences! Tony Benna, a director at creative advertising agency Mekanism, wanted to pitch his client a video about the “incredibly stupid stuff people do when they are bored,” like playing with clothespins or binder clips. (You remember that time you made your binder pinch your finger in the middle of a never-ending history lecture, right?) He gathered a few friends and, without much planning, improvised seemingly random instructions that resulted in some out-of-this-world vignettes. In one scene a man eats shoelaces from a plate. In another, a woman brushes her teeth in front of a high-speed fan.

Benna’s client was stupefied by the vignettes and, needless to say, the pitch was turned down. Looking back, Benna is able to laugh at his crazy idea and the awkward suffering he put his friends through. He talked with AdFreak about how this pitch video fail came to life:

The results were unfortunately WAY too far out there for the client, and pretty much everyone that saw it. So it got killed. A few weeks ago I had a good friend in town and he asked to see some of my recent work. I stumbled across the raw footage from that pitch video and we were literally crying laughing. Not so much at the ideas, but at the torture I put my friends through. That coupled with my unapologetic monotone direction coming from off screen made it hilarious! So I decided I should repurpose the footage, and show the true madness behind a Mekanism pitch video.”

You can watch Benna’s pitch video below, but prepare to feel a little uncomfortable:

screencap of tony benna's pitch video for mekanism

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