The Art of the Timelapse: ‘Into the Atmoshphere’ with Photographer Michael Shainblum

Have you ever dreamed about making a timelapse video? San Diego-based photographer, Michael Shainblum, has released another amazing timelapse that highlights the visual magic of the natural environment throughout California from Santa Barbara and waterfronts at the Sutro Baths in San Francisco to La Jolla and Gaviota. Viewers will be hypnotized by the giant fog swarming through the mountain tops and cloud-covered seascapes all along the west coast. “Rather than hit all the famous landscapes you’ve seen a million times, I wanted to showcase the ambiance and the emotion of these specific places,” Shainblum told The Creators Project.

If you remember, this isn’t the first time we’ve shown you some an incredible timelapse or collection of astrophotographs via Shainblum either who might be one of the hottest photographers on the planet right now. The video is also part of an ongoing project over the course of a year with an estimated 75,000 images taken with 12,400 actually being used in this three and a half minute piece.




You can also learn more about his photographic process in this documentary on Shainblum, with some behind the scenes footage as well:

Christina Greenaway
Beautiful. Thank you. Inspiration for the novel I'm currently writing, "Time Blade."
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