New Art Department Video Re-Imagines ‘Crystalised’ with Creative Blend of Music and Animation

Have you ever heard “Crystalised” by The XX? The Art Department has just remastered the modern classic taking you on a down-tempo funky detour with some really cool animation and vocals. The great singing duo of Martina Topley-Bird and Mark Lanegan are paired with the creative illustrations of the artist known as Warpaint.

I’m not sure if its the star werewolf, or that both singers could be undead vampires, but the trippy video here reminds me of the opening song to the HBO show True Blood, and may leave you feeling “paralyzed” by its trance too.

New Art Department Video Re-Imagines 'Crystalised'

art department singing duo

werewolf art department
You can also check out the original version of Crystalised by The xx from back in 2009:

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