Travel Around the World With the Most Epic 3-Year Long Selfie Ever [TIMELAPSE]

Everyone is guilty of taking at least one selfie in their life, but how many can say they’ve taken selfies in over 36 countries across the globe? World traveler Alex Chacon can, as he took three years of travel and compiled a timelapse video of selfies he took in every country he visited. Using a GoPro camera attached to a stick, Chacon took some of the most epic selfies from under the ocean to the edge of cliffs, sandy deserts to snowy mountains and quiet jungles to famous landmarks. He made plenty of friends along the way, including other travelers, locals and even a sleepy lion. Watch this video and transport yourself to places all over the world with Chacon as he drives a total of 125,946 miles over 600 days.

via The Daily Dot

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