This Short Film of Animated Graffiti on the Streets of São Paulo Might Make You Rethink Your Fears

“Homeless” is a short film that features an innovative art form you have not have seen yet: animated graffiti projected onto city streets at nighttime. The film follows animated illustrations of two homeless people, people who are ordinarily overlooked by society, as they walk through dark, graffiti-filled streets of São Paulo. The couple is so brightly colored, and move in such charming, video game-like motions, that they bring a lightheartedness to normally eerie, nighttime city streets. The film will make you give your own world a second look, second-guessing that which looks scary and unfamiliar to you.

With the support of MTV Brazil, “Homeless” was directed by Vjsuave, an art collective in Brazil that specializes in animation, moving projection, and digital graffiti. In their short films, they transform hand-drawn and hand-painted media into digital animation that is projected on São Paulo’s city streets. “Characters dance and run across the urban landscape, with a convincing blend of simulated movement and real moving projection,” the collective writes on its site. And if the character design and animation in “Homeless” look familiar to you, it should: we’ve shared previously shared Dante Zaballa’s work in “The Doodle Project.”

Still from Homeless by Vjsuave, man walking

Still from Homeless by Vjsuave, video game like graffiti on warehouse

Still from Homeless by Vjsuave, heart going to woman

Still from Homeless by Vjsuave, graffiti eyes

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