Watch These Amazon Product Reviews Acted Out in ‘Slamazon’ Short

More often than not, Amazon pulls through for us, speedily delivering the products we want or need. But what about those times when we aren’t so satisfied? Amazon’s not-quite-perfect track record inspired comedians Rhett & Link to film a short video where they act out actual Amazon product reviews.

In the skit, Rhett & Link use good reviews, like a tacky Kitten T-shirt that buyers found “comfortable” and “beautiful.” They use bad Amazon reviews, too, like the giant shirt of a pug’s face that is “adorable until someone puts it on.”

The comedy pair call themselves “Internetainers” and have hundreds of humorous music videos, skits, and local commercials. They also host a daily morning talk show called Good Mythical Morning.

Catch the duo’s latest funny bit ‘Slamazon,’ poking a little fun at Amazon for some of its products and a lot of fun at the people who take every purchase so seriously.

via The Daily Dot

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