Musical Burst: Hear ‘Hunger of the Pine’ by alt-J

In mathematics the Delta sign is used to represent change. The symbol can be created via a keyboard by holding down the alt key on a computer and hitting ‘J’ on a Mac, which is where the name for the group alt-J was born. The alternative rock group definitely has a vibe unlike anything you’ve ever quite heard before. When lead drummer Thom Green first listened to the band he joined the group right after and said:

I hadn’t heard anything like it. It was music I was looking for, I just didn’t know I was. I just loved it.

Fans also seem to love the new style of music that debuted as An Awesome Wave back in 2012 featuring the incredible “Tessellate” tune you can listen to below.

Now alt-J is back with another single “Hunger of the Pine” from their upcoming new album This Is All Yours available on iTunes September 22. The song has that energetic trip-hop and psychedelic pop rock feel fans are likely to be hungry for again.

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