This 360° Spherical Panorama Video Shot With 6 GoPro Cameras Will Make You Feel Like the World Is Tiny

For over two years German photographer and journalist Jonas Ginter tried to create a 360-degree spherical panorama video. After tinkering with a lot of cameras and mounts, Ginter came up with the winning recipe: 6 GoPro cameras, a custom-built, 3D-printed mount and a bike ride through the park. The result is a stunning spherical panorama timelapse video that will make you feel like you are big and the world is small.


Screencap from Jonas Ginter's spherical panorama timelapse video

Interested in creating your own spherical timelapse video? Ginter was nice enough to release his 3D printing schematics for free on Thingiverse.

Check out more of Ginter’s work here.

via The Next Web

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