Watch All the Whacky Things that Happened in 2013 in This 1-Minute GIF Video

We passed a lot of milestones in 2013: for example, the royal baby was born and a new pope was elected. But a lot of whacky things happened, too. For one, a secret spying program carried out by the National Security Agency was leaked. The world went crazy with twerking and Miley Cyrus. The government shut down for 16 days. It was uncovered that, had Anne Frank lived to hear Jusin Bieber sing, she would have been a Belieber. And Kanye West released a freaky/amusing music video for “Bound 2,” which Seth Rogan and James Franco parodied to critical acclaim.

What other bizarre things happened in 2013? Here’s 2013 in GIFs as compiled by Fox’s Animation High-Def:

government shutdown GIF

GIF via Animation High-Def
via Co.Create by Fast Company

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