US Wi-Fi Report: Starbucks Improves Speed by 80% by Switching from AT&T to Google

From your average coffee house to internet cafe, much of the world connects to the web through public Wi-Fi. But not all Wi-Fi connections were created equal. A new report by OpenSignal analyzes the average speed of various public networks in the United States comparing data gathered from hotels to Starbucks, who earlier this year switched from AT&T to Google.

hotel chain wi-fi
Unsurprisingly, the higher the cost of a hotel room, the higher the average Wi-Fi speed.

Starbucks Wi-Fi: AT&T vs. Google

US Wi Fi Report July 2014Since Starbucks changed internet service provider from AT&T to Google last year, the coffeehouse has enjoyed 80% greater speeds as reported by OpenSignal.

Comparing Public Wi-Fi

Wi Fi AveragesInterestingly, comparing the Wi-Fi speeds of other major U.S. chains shows that customers of McDonald’s and Best Buy enjoy quicker browsing than most.

So the next time you go out looking for some fast Wi-Fi, be informed.

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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