Twitter Rolls Out New ‘Related Headlines’ Feature to Show You the Story Behind Each Tweet

Jason Collins tweet

Jason Collins tweetHave you ever wondered if anyone embedded one of your tweets on their website or blog? Ponder this no longer as Twitter is launching a new ‘Related Headlines’ section shown on all Tweets that have been embedded on websites. “Every Tweet can foster stories elsewhere,” mentions Twitter.

It wasn’t too long ago that Twitter was experimenting with this very feature which it called ‘Embedded on These Websites‘ back then. The new feature can be seen from the individual Tweet permalink page, and offers a list and link to all the websites where that tweet was embedded, making it really simple to explore stories further through articles that offer more context than 140 characters.

Below you can see an example of when NBA player Jason Collins was the first in the league to ever come out publicly. The news instantly went viral in Twitter and major outlets like ESPN, MSNBC and the Bleacher Report all covered the story and embedded Jason’s tweet to provide more context around his statement.

This is an exciting new feature for Twitter that provides users more information and can give blogs more visibility that actively create content around the Twitter ecosystem.
What do you think about the new Related Headlines feature?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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