Twitter Gets More Social With Photo Tagging and Multiple Image Uploading

now tag people in pictures on twitter

Twitter just got a little more social. The popular microblogging site announced yesterday evening that it’s added photo tagging and the ability to upload multiple images individual tweets. With social media networks trending toward more visual features, both additions could help Twitter draw in a larger audience.

Tag Up to 10 People in a Photo

Twitter now allows you to tag up to 10 people in each photo you upload. Tagging won’t affect character count, so you’ll still have 140 characters to write a killer caption.

To tag a user, upload an image, click “Who’s in this photo?” and type in a user’s full name or Twitter handle.

Photo tagging should make it easier to hold conversations around photos on Twitter. When users are tagged, they’ll receive a notification similar to the notifications sent when users are tagged on Facebook. These notifications can be adjusted in Twitter’s settings, and users can toggle between letting anyone can tag them, letting only people they follow tag them and letting no one tag them. Users can also remove their photo tags by tapping the ellipsis (•••) on the photo’s tweet and selecting “Remove tag from photo” or by blocking the users who tagged them.

Upload Up to Four Images per Tweet

now upload up to 4 images to one tweet

Twitter also allows users to create photo collages in individual tweets. To upload multiple images, simply select up to four pictures from your phone and tap the tweet button.

Multi-image uploading is currently rolling out to iPhone users and is coming soon to Android and, but all users can view tweets with multiple photos regardless of the platform they use.

These new features are an obvious push to make Twitter a more visual, and therefore addictive, place for Twitter users to congregate. But judging by the fact that both image tags and Tweets containing multiple images will display in embedded tweets, Twitter is also aiming to use these features to become a more visual service to the entire world. Now when people see these more social Twitter pictures embedded online, they might be more likely to click in to the network.

To get these new features, download the latest iPhone and Android app:

Twitter App for iPhone Twitter App for Android

Earlier this week we reported that Twitter is experimenting with displaying view counts on some users’ tweets, a feature that could either encourage users to tweet more or scare them away from tweeting entirely.

What do you think of Twitter’s new photo features?

Lauren Mobertz

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