Twitter Adds Photo Galleries to Mobile, Improves Account Verification

Twitter mobile photo gallery beach query

Twitter mobile photo gallery beach queryTwitter’s latest Android and iOS update comes with an addicting new feature: photo galleries. Previously in Twitter search results you could swipe through thumbnails and click to view images in fullscreen. With Twitter’s recent update, however, these thumbnails will be followed by the option to “View more photos” on Android and iOS devices.

Clicking this will bring you to a grid of related pictures uploaded to Twitter that you can scroll through endlessly. In Twitter’s iOS app these photo galleries are also available on user profiles. Needless to say, the new photo gallery is super visually appealing. I searched “beach” and already can’t take my eyes off the screen; just wait until I search “Ryan Gosling!”

Twitter has also added social context to the search menu, meaning as you type in the search box Twitter will auto-suggest terms related to your activity on the site. This way you can see how you’re connected to other users.


Improved Login Verification for Mobile

Along with these additions to search, Twitter has added mobile functionalities to its login verification system. Now, directly from your Android or iOS app, you can enroll in the verification program as well as approve logins, all without using a phone number. Here’s what’s new:

  • Push notifications replace text message-based verification messages: You’re now free to use your mobile device to verify logins for multiple accounts, no matter what phone number you use or where in the world you are located
  • More detailed verification alerts: Alerts will include browser and location details so it will be easier to tell if you’re account is being phished
  • Backup verification codes: The updated app will also provide a backup verification code you can write down and store to access, even if you lose access to your phone. (Like that time your phone fell in the toilet)

What do you think of Twitter’s new app updates? Will the photo galleries and changes to login verification improve your mobile Twitter experience?

Lauren Mobertz

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