Twitter Marketing Strategies That Influence Followers

Twitter followersI remember when I first saw Twitter, I had no Twitter marketing strategies to go on.  I had no idea what to do with it.  Instead, I joined Facebook.  At least it was self-explanatory and I knew people on it. Twitter took me a little longer to get into. But when I started my business I knew that joining Twitter would be inevitable, so I took the plunge and did it quick-like-like ripping off a band-aid.

That didn’t mean that I understood what to do with it. It just merely meant that I understood the power of this platform and what it could do for my business.

There are a lot of different Twitter marketing strategies that you can read out there, but none of them can really give you two things that you need now: traffic and followers.

I want to try to remedy that for you today.

Twitter Marketing Strategies For the Following

There are great Twitter tools out there that you can use to your benefit. Here are some off the top of my head, and if I’ve missed any, let me know in the comment section:

  • Manage Flitter-use this for Twitter analytics, follow and unfollow people too.  Over 1 million people use this tool
  • TweetAdder-my personal favorite.  Up until the new 4.0 version, you could follow people, however, since the new update, that has been overridden.
  • Hoote Suite-All in one dashboard of your social media platforms with Twitter included.  Used mostly for the scheduling feature
  • IFTTT-Used by popular sites like this one, Dashburst.
  • TweetReach-How far did your tweet travel?  You can use these tools to find out who is interacting on your update.
  • TwitterFeed-Take your blog RSS feed and loads it into Twitter

For sake of filling up a bunch of space with Twitter tools, you get my drift, there’s a lot of them.  One fast way that people get followers on Twitter is by using some of these tools, like Manage Flitter, to follow people at random. Normally you can find people with a certain keyword that you’re wanting. For example, if your niche is social media, you could find people to follow that had that keyword in their bio.

Following tons of people like this is really not wise to do if you ask me. It’s a great way to build your following fast, and a lot of people do it, but I recommend against this tactic. Also, it could get you banned from Twitter.

How I got Twitter followers:

I have a very specific list of people that I follow. My Twitter account, while not as big as some of the other people on there, is a very targeted and specific group of followers. This is what you want. There’s no need to build up your following with 10,000 people that’s not going to interact on your updates. I would rather have 2,000 highly targeted people than 100,000 inactive followers…but that’s a given, that’s what everyone wants.

Another thing, and you’d be surprised at how many people miss this fact, is to have some sort of author bio box at the end of your posts. It took me a while to find one that I really liked. However take into consideration that you want people to connect with you on the platform of choice, so giving them an easy option to follow you is key. The WP plugin Custom About Author displays a nice box with the options to include every major social network under your bio.

Twitter makes it easier too

It’s true that the easier you make it for people, the more likely they’ll be to follow you. For instance, the Twitter button like this, only takes a click for people to follow you and it’s super easy to do:

The aforementioned Custom About Author, while still great and I use it, it takes the reader away from your site to follow you on the social platform. Using the Twitter Developer’s Buttons, you can create an easy button image that only takes one click for them to follow you and this is the best of the Twitter marketing strategies that you can use because it caters to the reader.

How your following determines content

For me, the better my content, the more followers I get. One way I get Twitter followers is directly from my blog. If you’re running WordPress, then the DiggDigg plugin can promote your Twitter account after people share. Write a great post, people will share. After they share, if they’re not already following you on Twitter, DiggDigg will prompt them to follow you. Getting more social shares to your posts is also a great way for you to step out of your inner circle and be distributed to other people not only on Twitter, but also on a lot of other social sites.

Content couldn’t be more important for gaining followers. I realize that a lot of you want to learn the fast and easy way of building a large following, but, unless you’re a super-star already, the following isn’t going to come quick on Twitter. There are tools, as discussed above, that can give you a solid handle on getting you there though and these can be used to your advantage.

But a truly great following anywhere, and not just on Twitter, usually determines the content that you write. It’s easy to slap up a 500 article on just about anything, but when you take into consideration that your following, and a bunch of other stuff, rides on what kind of “edgy” content you create, you start to realize that content is truly “King” on all arena’s. on’t take the post lightly. Don’t save stuff for that ebook you’re going to write later, give it all you’ve got in your writing and people will start to see you for the authority that you are and follow you.

The Final Thought

Twitter marketing strategies are a dime a dozen. But the best one’s are the one’s that are used consistently by you every day. If there’s any secret to getting more Twitter followers, then that’s it. Stay consistent with it. Find a tool that you like and go with it. Take some time and check out the stats, when the best time to tweet is, what your followers are retweeting, etc. It will save you a lot of questions later.

By Wade Harman

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