How Does Twitter’s IPO Compare With Those of Facebook, Google and LinkedIn?

Twitter finally released details regarding its long-awaited initial public offering (IPO). How does the social networking giant stack up against some of the big tech IPO’s before it from companies like Facebook and Google?

twitter ipo comparison

Quarterly Revenue

Twitter earns a quarterly revenue of $139 million, which is up 105% from a year ago. In comparison, Facebook earned $1.1 billion at the time of its IPO.

Quarterly Profit/Loss

Interestingly, Twitter is still losing a significant amount of money with a $42.2 million loss last quarter. Every other social network was profitable at the time of its IPO. Facebook led the way with a $302 million profit margin, and LinkedIn did just shy of $1 million.


Twitter’s filing indicated that it has 2,000 employees, which is comparable to the other social networks give or take 50%.

Since its initial offering back in 2003, Google’s stock has gained the most of any network with an increase of 773%, while Facebook has gained a modest 29% rise since early 2012, as of last Thursday’s close.

How do you think the Twitter IPO will do out in the open market?

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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