Tumblr Adds New Activity Analytics for Blogs and Enhanced Note Scrolling

tumblr activity

Tumblr has just released two exciting new features for its dashboard by adding an Activity analytics page and an endless scrolling feature for Notes. These latest changes come just days after Tumblr released an awesome GIF making feature for webcams.

Tumblr Activity Page

First, the new Activity Page lets you analyze the latest activity on your blog including your top fans and posts, new followers and latest notifications. You can plot graphs of your notes, new followers and total followers over the last 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days and last month.
tumblr activity

Tumblr User Notes

The second addition, is a new way to see notes that’s faster, includes endless scrolling and better highlights the likes/reblogs/replies from the people you follow.
user notes
These changes should be welcome additions to the Tumblr community, despite their fears the Yahoo takeover would soon bring its demise. Being able to track the engagement of your posts is a coveted feature in the blogging world and could bring more businesses over to the Tumblr platfrom accordingly!
Are you on Tumblr? What do you think about these latest additions?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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