Tumblr Touts 100 Million Blogs Created With a Historical Timeline [GIF]

100 million tumblr blogs

Congratulations to Tumblr, who has just announced it is 100 million blogs strong as of today! Tumblr is a social network and free blog hosting platform with a ton of options for customizable templates, bookmarklets, mobile apps, sharing photos, videos and other media. The first Tumblr blog was created in 2007 and the site has come a really long way since. By early 2009, Tumblr reached the 1 million blog milestone. As of 2011, Tumblr had seen 10 billion user posts. The site was also instrumental in the protest of the SOPA legislation that threatened the internet that we’ve grown accustomed to know and love. Tumblr has also recently revamped their search function to improve discovery for users.

Early this year, the term “tumblr” had actually surpassed the word “blog” in frequency of searches on Google!

tumblr timeline

Tumblr seemed quite excited about the epic feat with this to say:

Tumblr Staff(1)

Congratulations, we love Tumblr too 🙂

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Sean Foreman
I guess I barely scratched the surface of Tumblr. I only used it to search for cool pictures. I may need to give it a second look to see how I can use it, now that I'm more aware to the power of social media.
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