200 Ways to Procrastinate Online: The Top Scoring Reddit Posts of All Time [INTERACTIVE CHART]

top scoring reddit posts treemap

top scoring reddit posts treemap

If your Facebook News Feed has run dry of interesting updates and pictures, you’ll soon be suffering from a very serious disorder called “I’ve Run Out of Things to Look At Online.” Symptoms can include spending several unsatisfying hours on StumbleUpon and watching one too many videos of cats playing pianos. Eventually you’ll succumb to starring at your email inbox, awaiting your next message (even spam would boost your self esteem at this point).

For all those suffering from internet boredom, do not fear: there is a cure. This interactive treemap of the 200 all-time top posts on Reddit will keep you entertained for hours. Check it out here and prepare for your boredom to be blown away.

The chart was composed by James Trimble of UK Data Explorer and reflects data from November 28 of this year.

via FlowingData

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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