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Where Street Art Meets Nature [10 Pictures]

An exciting trend is growing in art: the clever combination of manmade objects and nature. Our surrounding environment provides an exhaustive palette of wonderful backgrounds and vegetation, which take on a whole new meaning following a little creative application. From bush hairdos to walls peaking out at you, these street artworks are sure to make you think twice about what you are really seeing!

But remember, just because you can see or “listen to Jimi” doesn’t mean you can hear him!

Humongous Hair

[via NUXUNO Xän]

Loan Leaf

[via Alexey Menschikov]

Painted Leaves

[via Pejac]

Playful Bears

[via 140ideas]


[via Pasha P183]

Fallen Tree

[via TSF crew]

Mother and Baby Birds

[via WD (“Wild Drawing”)]

Where the Red Fern Grows

[via Aakash Nihalani]

Origami Crane

[via BANKSY]

Little Sprout

[via David Zinn]

[inspired via whudat]