Spoilerfoiler: How Netflix Hopes to Stop Your Exposure to Breaking Bad Spoilers on Twitter

Netflix Spoiler FoilerAre you tired of your buddies spoiling Breaking Bad episodes for you on Twitter? Unless you’re all caught up on the hit AMC show, you’ve probably been thinking twice about checking your feed Monday morning, right?

Don’t fret. Netflix has just debuted a new website, Spoilerfoiler, that allows you to log into Twitter and see your stream of updates from people you follow sans mentions of any new Breaking Bad episodes (or at least most of them, anyway).

What is Spoilerfoiler?

This is the official site description:

Behind on Breaking Bad? Now you can check your feed without fear. Any tweets with danger words get blacked out, as below. When you’ve caught up, it’s safe to go back to normal Twitter. Until Heisenberg comes knocking again on Monday.

Netflix struck a deal earlier this week with AMC to air Breaking Bad episodes in the U.S. and the UK after they are shown on television, according to Venture Beat. While Spoilerfoiler may not be perfect yet, it is a nice step for Netflix to take to thwart spoilers for users on social media. Later, the company could add other shows (or tags) to block other spoilers, if it inks similar deals in the future. It’s doubtful Netflix cares about our traditional TV schedules, though; rather, the company seems to prefer enabling binge watching of full seasons!

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