Songza Now Uses The Weather To Suggest Songs For You

If you have the rainy day blues, you can now easily listen to blues music to accompany the weather. New York music streaming service Songza has partnered with The Weather Company, owner of The Weather Channel, to suggest songs and playlist based on the weather outside.

Songza already differentiates itself from other music streaming services by taking into account the day and the time to suggest playlists. In the afternoon, for example, it has a playlist for “boosting your energy” At night, if offers one for “unwinding.” You can also look up playlists for specific moods like “happy” or “mellow,” or by such activities as “barbecuing,” “lying on a beach” and “working out: cardio.”

Now by factoring in weather forecasts, Songza takes music curation to a whole new level. For instance, if it is raining and thundering out, Songza can suggest songs for staying in and relaxing.

Elias Roman, CEO and cofounder of Songza, states:

With new data provided by The Weather Channel, we can more accurately predict your context, helping you enjoy more sunsets and weather more storms.

So starting today, Songza will suggest music based on the weather and provide you with the perfect soundtrack to any given moment of your day.

Via Venture Beat

Mikaela Rakos

By Mikaela Rakos

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