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Social Media vs. Privacy [COMIC]

via joyoftech

A lot of fuss has been made recently over the fact that the NSA has been collecting your phone records from Verizon and other telecommunications companies. Wake up: they’ve been watching you for a long time! But why are you pretending like you really care about your privacy? And, if you do actually care, why are you checking-in to every coffee shop, restaurant or bar you frequent? Why must you tag a location on every post?

The funny thing is I could care less about privacy, or at least I came to terms a long time ago that it doesn’t exist online anymore, yet I would never check-in anywhere publicly again, and I loathe every status update I see that does that. I don’t care that you’re taking your dog for a walk in the park, or going to Sizzler for dinner, and neither does anybody else. Instead of checking-in, maybe you should check-yourself-out first.

They should just rename Foursquare to ‘Square’ because that’s exactly what you are if you constantly share your location with others!

Good talk.