The 25 Hottest Skills that Got People Hired in 2013

Hire Us sign by Dita Margarita

Hire Us sign by Dita Margarita

When you’re looking for a new job, it can be difficult deciding how to present yourself in the best light to potential employers. To help us determine the skills most likely to get us hired, LinkedIn decided to pull from its loads of employment data. The company asked itself a simple question: who’s getting hired and what are they doing? By analyzing the skills and employment history of over 259 million LinkedIn members, LinkedIn determined the 25 hottest skills most likely to get people hired in 2013.

Can you guess the number one skill on LinkedIn’s list? Interestingly, social media marketing topped the list of skills that got people hired in 2013, signaling that companies are still looking to break into new digital marketing trends. From LinkedIn’s list it’s also apparent that technological skills were very much valued: mobile development (2), Perl/Python/Ruby (4) and user interface design (6) are all listed among the top skills of the year. As companies began to collect more and more data, it was also apparent that people with the skills to parse and interpret this information were highly in-demand; this is why cloud and distributed computing (#3), data mining (#5) and data engineering (#12) top LinkedIn’s skills list for 2013. Finally, people with skills to help businesses grow were very likely to be hired in 2013, including those with recruiting (#8), business development (#9) and strategic planning (#24) skills.

25 hottest skills of 2013 on linkedin

As 2013 comes to a close and these in-demand skills continue to impress and evolve, what kinds of expertise and experience will you seek as you find your place in the job market? Will you earn a certification in social media and digital marketing? Learn a new programming language? Become an expert in data mining?

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