TV Sitcom Series Finales Ranked by Viewer Happiness and Satisfaction

Friends sitcom

Friends sitcom

Everybody loves a good television sitcom, and it can be devastating when one of your favorite shows comes to an end. It’s even worse, though, when the series finale leaves you unsatisfied!

Some sitcoms end on happier notes and some on sad ones, but everything’s okay as long as it gives you the closure you need. Mashable took 25 of our most-loved sitcoms and plotted them on a chart based on whether the end was happy or sad and if the finale satisfied viewers or not. Friends fared the best with the most happy and most satisfying series finale. M*A*S*H and Seinfeld, on the other hand, were sad but still satisfying to people in the end. While Will & Grace ranked high on the happy scale, it also proved to be one of the more unsatisfying endings, as were the shows Chuck and Roseanne, which ended on sad notes.

Check out the chart below and see how your favorite sitcom fared in the rankings!

sitcom finale chart

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Mikaela Rakos

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