Mind-Blowing Illusion Using Robots and Projection Mapping

Projection mapping uses technology similar to the ones we use to watch movies at the theater or PowerPoint presentations in the classroom. But instead of projecting movies and PowerPoints onto projector screens, projection mapping maps video onto 3-D spaces in real life. The illusion becomes very real because you can see the special effects take place right before your naked eyes.

I have no idea what’s actually going on in the projection mapping video above, but I can guarantee it’s one of the most enchanting and dazzling light illusions you will ever witness! The short film Box, created by Bot & Dolly in conjunction with the Creators Project, is sure to blow your mind! The film explores “the syntheses of real and digital space through projection mapping onto moving surfaces.” For example the simple white rectangle shown at the beginning of the video morphs into some magical portal to another universe by the end of the film. Each moment you think the video has outdone itself, the artists and mechanical robot performers continue to push the boundaries of our imaginations.





via Co.Design

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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