Why Great Presentations are Like Ads

Great Presentations Are Like Ads by @slidecomet from Slide Comet
What separates the great presentations from those sleep-inducing PowerPoint lectures you remember from school? Much like advertisements, effective presentations manage to grab our attention while piquing our curiosity for more information. Have you ever heard of the 3 Rs of advertising? Well, these can be applied to presentations too!

1. Reaction – Grab their attention

Ads and presentations are classic examples of glance media: just long enough to address what’s important. Use big type and big images with a big clear message! You have 3 seconds to convey your message visually! And, if you really want to capture attention, inject a little drama. Studies have shown that tapping into people’s core emotions like anxiety, awe or even anger can increase the chance of your content going viral.
ads are glance media

2. Relevant – Knowing the Audience

Adverts that are successful usually target a specific demographic and their needs. To find exactly the right hook, first you need to understand the fish. What’s your one key message that needs to get across? Telling stories can help you connect on an emotional level as well as humanize your brand. A good laugh never hurts either!
key message

3. Response – Make Things Happen

Aim to influence your audiences’s behavior by changing their attitude. What do you want them to think, act or feel like? You control the flow of content. Do you have a clear call to action at the end of the presentation? What is the number one thing you want people to do after your slideshow?
influence behavior
If only the Mad Men had PowerPoints back then!

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