7 Tips for Getting Your Next Presentation Featured on SlideShare

SlideShare is the world’s largest presentation sharing community and constantly features interesting new slide decks. SlideShare also hand-curates three presentations that get featured on the homepage each day. Getting your presentation featured in front of all those people can have a huge impact increasing views, social traction and calls-to-action.

While it’s not an exact science, how can you get your new presentation featured on SlideShare?

1. Write a Powerful Headline

An attention-grabbing headline that is both intriguing and delivers your message is critical.
slide headline

2. Create an Enticing Cover Page

The cover slide has to be an eye-popping image that brings a visual curiosity to your presentation. The opening slide and the title, are of the utmost importance.

3. Be Well-Designed and Informative

The design of a presentation is just as important as the content inside it. Without a great design, your content could get bypassed for something that looks more professional. According to SlideShare, “We look for presentations that are visual but also insightful and have a strong storyline.”
well designed slides

4. Keep us Engaged

Your goal is to make your deck so captivating that the audience has no choice but to click through to the end.

5. Fully Communicate Your Message

Your message should be short and sweet and aided with visual enhancements. A great way to communicate with others is to tell a story.

6. Tackle a Hot Topic

SlideShare features lots of timeless content that can be relevant for years to come. But they especially like to see presentations that tackle the lastest news, trends and buzz worthy topics.

news slideshare

7. Set Trends

Bring something different to the table in terms of design or content, that others will want to emulate.
Here is a great example on how to create a captivating presentation that got featured on SlideShare to the tune of over 100K views!

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