8 Productivity Misconceptions About Working From Home [PRESENTATION]

8 Misconceptions About Working From Home (A Response To Yahoo's Telecommuting Memo) from MarketingProfs

Do you feel like you achieve greater productivity when working remotely from home compared to the office, or are you more likely to slack off? In response to Yahoo’s crack down on remote workers, we took a look at why working from home was actually good for a 10-20% average increase in employee production. Yahoo allegedly doesn’t comment on internal matters, but the conversation has brewed up quite the storm on social media with the backlash building up against their new policy.

Now there are reasons that can be made in support of both sides of the issue, but here are 8 misconceptions about working from home, put together by MarketingProfs, also in response to Yahoo’s memo banning telecommuting:

1. They will spend all their time surfing the internet, texting friends, Instagramming meals and tweeting instead of working

office social media

2. Employees will go rogue if they aren’t “working side by side”

telecommuters rock

3. They work in their jammies

work in jammies

4. They are harder to reach than on-location workers

harder to reach

5. Telecommuters won’t be able to communicate with others in the company

communication tools

6. They won’t be able to participate in brainstorming sessions


7. They work fewer hours than folks in brick-and-mortar buildings

work longer hours

8. Telecommuters aren’t really working

work gets done
What are your thoughts, do you think employees should be able to work from home? Or somewhere in the middle with the ‘Work From Home Friday’s Movement’

Austin Briggs
Loved the slides. Last month I introduced "work on Friday from wherever you want" in our team... seems to be working well. I get more done of a Friday than any other day.
Daniel Zeevi
Nice to see the work from home Friday movement catching on!
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