9 Instagram Tips for Businesses [PRESENTATION]

Did you know over 45 million photos are uploaded to Instagram each day? Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks, gaining over 130 million active users since launching two years ago. On Instagram, users can upload photos and videos to the Instagram network instantly via their mobile devices as well as add hashtags, location information, and captions to their media.

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How can you, as part of a business, effectively tap into Instagram’s visual community?

1. Tell a Story

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How did your business get started? Put a face and place behind your brand to express a more intimate side to your company. Reinforce your brand by posting relevant photos.

2. Keep Content Fresh and Varied

To keep your content interesting, find great photos that people haven’t seen before. Just be sure to keep a consistent theme to maintain your brand recognition. The occasional random post to mix things up is great, too – but not too often.
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3. Post Quality, Original Photos

While it may be ok for the average hipster to post grainy and distorted photos, it’s not okay for you to follow suit. Remember, you are a running the Instagram feed of company maintaining a professional image! Critique your posts like a professional photographer critiques his work: take into account quality, lighting, and background composition before posting to Instagram.
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4. Instagram Isn’t About Promoting and Selling

On Instagram you should be promoting your company’s culture, not its products! Instagram doesn’t even allow links, so any promotions need to be done creatively.

5. Use Existing Networks to Draw Popularity

To increase your reach, make your entire audience aware of your Instagram feed via your blog, Facebook, Tumblr, and more. And don’t be afraid to share your photos across networks like Twitter and Google+. Remember: using consistent usernames across networks will make it easier for your followers to find you.
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6. Connect With People

Observe what you competitors are doing to gain ideas for what may work for you too. Don’t be afraid to engage with others’ posts by commenting or liking them, which lets your followers know you’re an active member of their community.

7. Utilize Hashtags

Using hashtags in your posts can help you gain more exposure! The more popular the tag the more views and engagement you’re likely to receive. Plus, consider creating brand-specific tags so your followers can tag you accordingly in their own posts.

8. Emphasize User-Generated Content

Use contests to help generate positive user content around your brand, much like Ben and Jerry’s #CaptureeEuphoria contest.

9. Track Your Stats

Make use of third party apps to monitor your Instagram engagement and to gain a better idea of how your campaigns are translating into new followers, likes and, comments. Keep refining your methods to help your business grow!
What are you doing on Instagram to help build your brand?
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