How to Think Differently Like Steve Jobs [PRESENTATION]

Think Different like Steve Jobs: Leadership and Innovation by Peter Fisk

Job's Face with Words

Master of Innovation, Father of the Digital Revolution, Greatest Entrepreneur of Our Time: The epitaphs of Steve Jobs.

And you can make a strong case that Jobs deserves the praise. He helped launch the PC; the i gadgets he pioneered have reinvented the phone, music and publishing industries. He even co-founded the animation studio Pixar.

Yet not everyone has jumped on the Jobs bandwagon. Was he more of a marketer than inventor? Did he browbeat his employees and colleagues? Under his leadership, did Apple try to silence journalists while invading the privacy of its customers? His critics think so.

For now, though, the spotlight remains on Jobs’ virtues. And it will remain there for the foreseeable future if Peter Fisk has his way. The author and business consultant is out with a new presentation, “Think Different like Steve Jobs: Innovation and Leadership.”

“Everyone knows the story of Steve Job,” Fisk starts. “’Think Different’ is about applying his best ideas to you and your business.”

And what are those best ideas when it comes to leadership?

• Remain open to new ideas and experimentation
• Upend convention
• Persevere
• Prefer innovation over cost-cutting

Fisk sums its up:




And when it comes to innovation?

Fisk has this to say:


In the end, what does Fisk’s presentation add to what we already know about Steve Jobs? Maybe not much, though the biographical section of his presentation may help humanize Jobs. For example, who knew that Jobs was adopted? Or that, as a teenager, he earned money by selling “blue boxes” that, by imitating the dial tone of payphones, could get you free calls? Jobs passed on Stanford University to attend the liberal arts school Reed. And his first job out of college was working for Atari. These tidbits from Jobs’s life stick with you.

A few more slides that stand out:


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