The Facebook Journey of Engagement [PRESENTATION]

The Facebook Journey of Engagement from ThinkDigital

Do you find yourself checking Facebook a lot these day? You’re not alone! People are crazy about Facebook, which has become like a second home to many online. In fact, 79% of smartphone users check Facebook within 15 minutes of waking up, whereas 62% check it even sooner! Still not convinced about the engagement level? Mobile users log into Facebook about 14 times a day, spending an average of 30 minutes. It’s even crept into other normal daily routines like shopping (46% check Facebook during), being at the gym (48%), preparing meals (47%) or watching a movie (50%).

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Facebook also enables businesses to connect with a ton of people on just about any device. There are over 1 billion active Facebook users with 58% of them logging in each day. There are 180 billion news feed impressions generated each day.

And there are 640 million active mobile users, representing a 67% YOY growth. The News Feed is the most engaging aspect of the Facebook mobile experience with 65 billion news feed impressions daily. 45% of comments and 65% of likes on mobile happen within the newsfeed. It appears mobile drives higher engagement per post than even desktop users! Facebook has also introduced new advertising opportunities to better target mobile audiences.


Facebook users like on average 36.7 pages, a 715% rise in 3 years.

What are Facebook users sharing?

Facebook has become an extremely visually oriented platform with 93% of posts shared being photos, followed by video (3%), links (3%) and others (2% for status updates and offers). To increase your chances of Facebook success, be sure to leverage rich media content with compelling imagery.
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Introducing the New Facebook News Feed

Facebook has recently unveiled a drastically redesigned News Feed that emphasizes larger images, shorter captions, a variety of personal feeds and consistency when viewing across multiple devices.

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8 Facebook News Feed Marketing Tips

1. Publish more visual content
2. Create image-based advertisements
3. Keep your copy short and sweet
4. Focus more on your brand evangelists
5. Create compelling content
6. Integrate your Facebook and Pinterest strategies
7. Influence users to check in
8. Continue efforts to increase your page likes and reach

The journey to increased social engagement can be a long one. Along this journey you will encounter many users traveling on their own social paths, so follow them and engage! Social is not about an objective, it’s about providing relevant content and leveraging subtle advertising. Make use of premium Facebook ads which perform 5-10X better than the rest of Facebook. It’s all about targeting and optimization to reach the proper demographics of your target audience based on age, gender, device, OS, location, education, interests, activity and a slew of other factors that could be important to your business. The key to driving results is to identify the goals and benchmarks that would make each campaign successful, and then keep testing and refining your strategy to increase performance. Once case study of success would be the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III which reached 7 million fans in just 6 months! Samsung reported a 13 X return on advertising spend with $129 million in sales attributable to Facebook.

Return on Engagement (ROE) is the new Return on Investment (ROI).

What are you doing to increase your engagement on Facebook?

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