15 Buzzwords Marketers Need to Stop Using [PRESENTATION]

15 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using from MarketingProfs
This hilarious presentation illustrates some key terms that get thrown around way too often by marketers or ‘marketeers‘. We’ve all heard these before, one phrase in particular that really used to bug me was ‘low-hanging fruit.’ This guy I used to work with would always try and poke fun at me, which I didn’t really mind as everything was fair game at work for entertainment purposes, but he’d always follow it up with a pinch and say, “just picking some low-hanging fruit buddy.” As if this skin crawling phrase was supposed to soften the blow. But unfortunately once these buzzwords start getting some hits it doesn’t stop till every blogger and marketer beats it to death. People act like ‘content marketing’ is such a new thing, it used to be called writing, now in this SEO craved world, writing has taken on this whole new meaning where we need to come up with these eye-popping phrases to get people’s attention, instead of just worrying about the quality of our content!
Content Marketing

It has always been about content… or lack thereof.” – Jeff Rothe <Tweet This>

  • 1. Epic
  • 2. Thought Leadership
  • 3. ROI
  • 4. Frictionless
  • 5. Low-hanging Fruit
  • 6. Marketeer
  • 7. Going Forward
  • 8. Content Provider
  • 9. The Journey
  • 10. Thinking Outside the Box
  • 11. Voice of the Customer
  • 12. Anything with “ize” at the End
  • 13. Content Marketing
  • 14. When it comes to
  • 15. Reach Out
    But content marketing is here to stay along with some other overused phrases, so either get used to it or start handing out some thesauruses!

    thesaurus tip

    Veronica Jarski
    Great blog post, Daniel! And glad you liked the slide show. It was hard to keep it at 15 marketing buzzwords and to not let it balloon up to 115. ;)
    Daniel Zeevi
    Great presentation Veronica! I'm sure there are plenty more terms for a part 2 some day :)
    Phil Shepherd
    What about the ubiquitous "Value Proposition" ?
    Joan Stewart
    In agreement, find words to fit the mood and phrase rather than copy cat tactics.
    Baja By Bus
    "Thought leadership" is soooooooo Orwellian!
    Ryan Biddulph
    Cool read with a few great truths here. Stop using terms you have seen used thousands of times before. Simple idea but many fail to grasp it. Should I reach out to these folks? ;) Thanks Daniel!
    Phil Shepherd
    A great list Daniel...but there must surely be a few more... Value-added Skill-gap .....
    Daniel Zeevi
    A few more could be added indeed :)
    Angus Whitton
    Reminds me of the buzzword bingo games we used to play... An informative, amusing and useful article!
    Daniel Zeevi
    Haha thanks man!
    Susan If
    I so hate 'reach out".
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