The Bruce Lee Guide to Strategic Content [PRESENTATION]

The Bruce Lee Guide to Strategic Content from AXZM

The path to creating useful, usable and findable content seems to get narrower each day. Getting there can be a serious challenge as you start to weigh in external factors beyond the quality like SEO considerations, advertising and potential audience interest. Sometimes you feel like the people in the publishing process are up against you from the writers, marketing, IT through stakeholders. But it doesn’t have to always be like this, you can turn these adversaries into allies by taking a more strategic approach to your content!

Let’s step back for a second though, what is your content strategy, do you have a plan for it?

This is Content Strategy

content strategy

Not This

not content strategy

Get it Right!

get content right

Just because you setup a blog and send out some posts every once in awhile that get auto-shared to Facebook and Twitter doesn’t mean you have a real content strategy in place! First off, does your content have substance and provide readers with value? Do you have a structure and workflow in place for creating content? What about editing, publishing schedules and social media strategy? Marketing your content isn’t the same as content strategy!

1. Gather

Define what success looks like and create a list of goals for the company. What type of content do you have (quality) and are looking to distribute? Identify key branding elements and styleguides to enforce on your distributed content. Make sure your site is optimized for search engines and the web (including a sitemap). Determine what your weaknesses are, do a competitive analysis with similar sites for comparison using the following tools:
Adwords Tool
Google Trends
Open Site Explorer
Social Crawlytics

2. Govern

Allow your overall brand strategy to help govern your content and social strategy. How, where and when will you present content and keywords? Create templates for reusable setups. Develop a consistent flow for your content development, from sources, writing and editorial processes, SEO and tools like these to use.
Majestic SEO
WordPress SEO
CS Generator Tool
WP Editorial Calendar

3. Grow

As your company grows make sure to measure your success and keep refining your strategy and campaigns. Define goals and benchmarks to attain. Are there any bottlenecks in your production flow? Conduct usability tests to ensure your product/content does well with audiences and has an easy to use interface (findable content). Tools to help you test, measure success and improve your conversion rates include:
Google Analytics

Pro Tip: Use social search for content ideation and audience insights with tools like Twitter search, Topsy, Social Mention and Kurrently to help spot new trends and unlock mysteries behind your audience’s interests.


What Have We Learned?

Content strategy is a practice not a blog. For you to master your own content strategy, you must focus and train your mind to think about the steps you need to repeat each day to successfully create useful content.

As you think, so shall you become.” – Bruce Lee <Tweet This>

bruce lee as you think so shall you become

What tools and methodologies are you using to create masterful content?

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